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August 13, 2020

Digital Tools for your Accounts with Charles Schwab

by Christiane Melano

With more employees currently working from home, the availability of digital tools continues to grow, making many tasks easier to complete online. Schwab offers many options to help make everything from account opening to account requests easier for you.

Hand touching tablet with digital tools for financial planning

Schwab Alliance

Schwab Alliance, available through web and the mobile app, provides you easy access to your account information. Here, you can view account balances, holdings, transaction history, and electronically sign forms. There are other useful features as well. Setting up a Schwab Alliance account is quick and easy. If you are not already registered, you can contact us to help get you set up or go to and click on the first time users link.

Electronic Signatures for Schwab Forms

Electronic signature is now available on many Schwab forms. We can verify if the form you need is eligible. Once you are registered online for Schwab Alliance, you will receive an email notification to login to to review the form and sign electronically. The digital process is completed through your secure message center.

Going Paperless

Previously known as “e-delivery”, Schwab offers access to paperless documents on your accounts if you prefer to receive those electronically rather than in the mail. These include statements, trade confirmations, tax forms, as well as other account documents.

To sign up for paperless documents, you can make the election in one of the following ways:

• Make the election on your new account forms
• Via Schwab Alliance, once you have registered online
• By contacting Rowling & Associates

Keeping your Online Account Secure

Our December 2019 Cybersecurity blog provided great information on how to protect your personal data in the digital age. Schwab offers many tools for you to keep your online account safe and secure.
• Device Validation – When you log in to Schwab Alliance from an unrecognized device, Schwab will require added verification before allowing you access. This process will send you a one-time access code which can be sent to one of the contact methods you have on file – either via email, text message, or a phone call. Once you have entered the code, you can choose to mark the new device you are using as a trusted device if you would like to skip that step during future logins.
• Two Factor Authentication – To add an additional layer of security, you can use a security token through the Security Center on This will generate a one-time password when logging into the website. Please contact us for more information on enrolling.
• Limited Household Access – Once you register with Schwab Alliance, you will only see accounts under your Social Security number. However, if you would like to grant view-only access to someone in your household, there is a form we can send you to help you get that set up.
• Voice ID – This option uses the unique characteristics of your voice as a verification method when calling the Schwab Alliance team at 1-800-515-2157.

All these digital tools provide additional resources to help us service your accounts electronically. If you are out of town, have limited access to a printer, or you just can’t make it into the office to meet with us, these tools allow you the digital alternatives to help give you access when needed.